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                                 Pricing and Payment Policy

I generally do full day (8-10hrs)for 200,000 kr with min. of 1 day but am happy to give an estimated quote once I have received your inquiry and all your information. However, please keep in mind that quoting tattoo time is not an exact science and it is only an ESTIMATE. Please also consider that full sleeves and backs can take a lot of time! For example, it is extremely rare with the amount of detail I prefer to tattoo that I would complete a full black & grey sleeve (black & grey usually takes me less time than color) in under 30 to 40 hours on a relatively petite person! If you can’t sit very well, have trouble healing, or you are a large person, it could be twice that or longer! A large amount of small intricate detail can also increase the amount of time needed for completion. This type of work is definitely a serious commitment and should be given serious thought before finalizing any scheduling and paying any deposits.



Please note that I receive several emails daily and there will most likely be a delay in responses. I am also unable to guarantee waiting times for future appointments for new requests due to existing clientele. At present,Please check the pricing tab and note the prices and time it takes to complete work. I am only booking ongoing clients 1-3 months in advance. You must completely fill out the following form and submit for approval. Incomplete forms are unable to be replied to. No information will be shared with any third party unless specific permission is given. Information will be kept on file only for Black Kross Tattoo



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