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What you can & should you do in preparation for a tattoo session:

  • Get hydrated. Drink at least one (1) to two (2) liters of water a day. When you are hydrated, your skin is hydrated and will be able to maintain a better heal and withstand longer sessions.

  • Get a good night sleep the night before. Please don’t party too hard. Getting tattooed hung-over is not fun for you or me.

  • Please EAT BEFORE your session. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen pass out just because they were too nervous to eat before. This is a massive workout for your body and IT NEEDS FUEL for a big session. When you are hungry, pain management is much more difficult.

  • Bring drinks, snacks and lunch. You probably won’t have enough time during our short breaks to leave, get food, come back and eat it, so bring it with you! I have a microwave and a fridge at the studio for your convenience. It is also a good idea to bring small snacks that you can eat one handed without making a mess in case you need a distraction during your session. 

  • If you happen to break a bone or sustain any other major injuries prior to your appointment, please contact me ASAP.

What you SHOULD NOT DO before a tattoo session:

  • No tanning, fake tanning, chemical peels, sunburns, major cuts or scrapes, in the area to be tattooed within a month prior to your session. I can’t work on freshly damaged won’t heal properly.

  • No extreme weight lifting in or near the area to be tattooed at least 2 days prior to your session to prevent unnecessary swelling & soreness.

On The Day

  • Please do not bring the entire family or crew unless they are also getting tattooed. Trust me, they get bored or they get in my or other artists’ ways. One person is okay but please be aware that they must wait in the designated waiting areas and must be invited to view ongoing tattoos by myself or other artists.

  • For safety reasons, please do not bring small children or babies.

  • Dress comfortably and appropriately. Be prepared for it to be cold & warm. Also bring socks or flip flops to prevent walking around the studio barefoot during breaks if you will be taking your shoes off during your session.

  • You are also invited to bring your own pillow for laying or sitting on during your tattoo.

  • Bring some form of entertainment for yourself like an IPOD, IPAD, Laptop, portable DVD player, etc. with your own headphones or ear buds.

  • Please do not schedule something immediately after your case we are running behind or long.

  • Please do not use any numbing products on the area to be tattooed and please do not come in under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. 

While You Are Getting Tattooed

  • Please be aware of cross contamination. Do not touch your fresh tattoo during your session. Do not let anyone else touch your tattoo either!

  • Do not touch any of the tattoo equipment or work space.

  • Talking is fine during you session, but please do not talk with your hands, nod your head, or excessively move other body parts as this can cause the area being tattooed to move as well.

  • Be mindful and do not touch any other possibly contaminated areas.


You will need:


- Unscented antibacterial soap (Dial Soap)

- Aftercare lotion. I recommend non scented lotion but you can use another brand.  It needs to be mild and unscented.

- Sunblock of at least 30spf (after it heals)

-Clean blank white paper towels

Make sure that your sheets are clean and that your pets are away when cleaning.

How to take care of your new tattoo:

  1. Keep bandage on for at least 3-6hours before the first time cleaning it; don’t wait overnight to clean it the first time.

  2. When washing your tattoo for the first time, use cold water and cleanse the tattoo gently with your hand and Dial unscented non-bacterial foam soap. Do NOT aggressively scrub or irritate it during this first cleanse, don’t use a loofah or washcloth, gently cleansing will clean off any residue of ink/bandage/blood/plasma. After cold washing the new tattoo let it dry for few mins then, apply a hot compress with a paper towel that is: clean wet & as hot as you can stand it( no microfiber or cloths use ONLY high quality white paper towels) and hold it on top of your tattoo for at least ten seconds; this will break up the plasma in your blood and lead to less scabbing overall. Repeat the compressing a few times until you no longer see any blood or plasma or ink coloring on your paper towel then let it air dry at least 5-10 min we DO NOT want extra moisture. (WHEN IN DOUBT LET IT DRY OUT!)

  3. After it air dries and the tattoo is no longer oozy. Rewrap the tattoo and repeat step number 2 every 6hours. You will do this repeat process until the morning after getting your new tattoo.

  4. The next morning of having your new tattoo you will now move on to taking the wrap off for the remainder of the healing process. Repeat step 2 still every 6hours, Let air dry.

  5. After 3days(72hrs) of having your new tattoo you will continue to Repeat Step 2 and after air drying you will begin to then use a small light layer of unscented lotion just to lightly coat the tattoo. Should soak into skin and not be clumped on. Use light lotion will help relieve the tightness in the tattoo before it starts to peel.

  6. Wash your tattoo 3 times a day for the next two weeks with Dial unscented non-bacterial soap. Continue to moisturize how you normally would, you don’t need to over compensate, a thin layer is plenty.

  7. Your tattoo will begin to itch, peel/flake.This is normal. Do NOT pick at or scratch your tattoo.  Even if it scabs! As long as you go about your normal cleaning routine and apply hot compresses, it should heal fine.

  8. Tattoos should not scab. A scab is created from plasma that is left on the tattoo. A few days after the bandage comes off, your tattoo may start to flake like a sunburn. This skin flaking will also contain color. This is normal. DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. If you do you will take skin off before it is ready to come off, pulling additional layers of skin with it. This will also pull out the tattoo. If/when your tattoo gets itchy you may slap the area or put something cold on it to take away the itch.

  9. Wear loose, preferably cotton clothing over the fresh tattoo. The tattoo needs to not be re-bandaged except in certain, rare instances. A bra strap, tight waistband, sweaty gym shoe or itchy cotton sweater can potentially create healing problems. Consult your tattoo artist for advice on what clothing to wear/avoid.

  10. Don’t take baths, go swimming, sauna, or otherwise submerge your tattoo while it’s healing.

  11. Limit exercise or any other activity that will make you sweaty and elevate your internal temperature for 2-3 days.

  12. Limit sun exposure. UV rays break down pigment and cause fading of your tattoo. After you’re healed, make sure to wear SPF 30+ or cover your tattoo with clothing.

  13. Do not spray tan or apply self tanner until tattoo is fully healed.

  14. Do not shave over the tattoo until it is fully healed.

  15. A good healthy diet and lots of water always help with the healing process.

  16. While your tattoo is healing, limit any items of clothing or accessories that will cause irritation to your tattoo, e.g. tight clothes, leggings, bras, compression garments, etc…

  17. lt takes about 4-6 weeks for your tattoo to fully heal. lt will look fully healed in 2 weeks, but just keep it in mind and be gentle with your tattoo for the first month.

  18. To keep your tattoo vibrant over time, we recommend daily moisturizing, weekly exfoliating, shaving the area, and keeping it out of the sun/ using sunscreen. We also recommend a thin layer of Alchemy Tattoo crème which is available at 5D Studios. This will keep your tattoos extra moisturized, but please do not use while going out into the sun.




*** If you received a leg or foot tattoo it is very important that you stay off your leg or foot for at least three days. If you need to walk or stand be sure to keep it very minimal. If you notice a little swelling be sure to elevate the leg till the swelling subsides. You may also take Advil to help bring down the swelling.

*AVOID direct sunlight on your tattoo for 4-6 weeks.  You should always wear sunblock on your tattoo (after it has healed) for the rest of your life.  SUN DAMAGES TATTOO PIGMENT AND WILL DEGRADE YOUR ART!

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