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                                Tattoo Request Application                                              


Please note that I receive several emails daily and there will most likely be a delay in responses. I am also unable to guarantee waiting times for future appointments for new requests due to existing clientele. Please check the pricing tab and note the prices and time it takes to complete work. I am only booking ongoing clients 1-3 months in advance. You must completely fill out the following form and submit for approval. Incomplete forms are unable to be replied to. No information will be shared with any third party unless specific permission is given. Information will be kept on file only for RuubenArt.

I don't do Traditional, Tribal, Japanese, Lettering or Celtic work. There are a lot of awesome tattooers that specialize in these styles and can do a better job than me.


I don't take on any ongoing tattoos from other artists.  That means that I don't finish or fix a tattoo if I didn't start it. 



Please fill all fields

Thanks!! I'll get back at you at my next convenience

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